Trinnov Updates WaveForming with Design Tool

Trinnov introduces an enhanced version of its WaveForming technology, now accompanied by a user-friendly design tool. This tool is designed to offer tailored room layouts that optimize sound performance, specifically tailored to complement WaveForming Technology.

WaveForming Technology addresses one of the most complex challenges in home cinema: achieving precise low-frequency reproduction. It promises to deliver unparalleled bass clarity and detail even in rooms with challenging acoustic layouts. Unlike traditional approaches that focus on treating room acoustics, WaveForming proactively shapes them using advanced algorithms to optimize the interaction between multiple subwoofers and the listening environment.

The newly introduced WaveForming design tool is intended to streamline the room design process, empowering dealers, distributors, and integrators to envision the implementation of WaveForming within their projects. By utilizing this tool, users can easily determine the ideal number and arrangement of subwoofers for their specific space.

Arnaud Laborie, co-founder and CEO of Trinnov Audio, expressed enthusiasm about the impact of WaveForming on home theater design, stating, “WaveForming represents a significant paradigm shift in home theater design. We are thrilled to support the adoption of this transformative technology by providing this complimentary web tool, enabling more individuals to confidently incorporate WaveForming into their projects.”

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