I firmly believe that Q Acoustics provides solutions for every budget and format, elevating the theatre and TV viewing experience to new heights.

Jamie McKay, Sales & Marketing Director, Armour Home brings more than 25 years of experience in global commercial, sales and marketing roles within audio and technology industries. Jamie has successfully overseen multi-million-dollar sales and marketing campaigns across multiple international territories. In an exclusive interview with Smart Home World, he discusses marketing initiatives to grow Armour Home brands’ global presence and the new range soon to be launched. 

Could you provide insights into Q Acoustics’ journey, highlighting the milestones achieved as it redefined various market segments, from affordable to high-end, and introduced innovations like the Q Active wireless audio system?

The ethos of Q Acoustics from the very beginning has been all about delivering fabulous acoustic performance for a fair price and is also available at various price points. I believe that we are out-performing with this objective given the vast number of awards Q Acoustics has received across the world since its launch in 2006. There are many highlights in our journey, but the launch of the Q5000 series in 2023 marked the completion of our passive speakers range from entry-level to high-end range. Plus the Product of the Year Award from What Hi-Fi in 2023 for the Q5040 is the “icing on the cake” cementing Q Acoustics’ position as one of the leading speaker brands in the world.  When developing speakers, we are always looking to innovate be it in the use of Gelcore, BMR drivers point-to-point bracing, isolation plates in the Concept Series and more recently the C3 Continuous Curved Cone™.  The development of Q Active follows this passion for innovation both in industrial design, the use of BMR drivers and the wireless technology to drive the Q Active audio system, which we believe is one of the most flexible, high-performing audio systems in the market with the added benefit that it has been designed for lifestyle living.

With your extensive industry experience, what potential opportunities do you envision for Q Acoustics in the Indian market?

While we’re witnessing a growing demand for our full range of passive speakers in India, Q Acoustic is currently focusing on two major areas: installation products and powered/streaming systems. Our new M40 Bluetooth micro tower exemplifies the latter, showcasing our dedication to innovation in this field.

While much attention rightly goes to our consumer-using Q Acoustic products, we also boast a robust range of installation products with wireless capabilities. This lineup will be further enriched with the launch of a unique wireless product in late summer. I’m excited to collaborate with MZ to further develop the installation product segment in the upcoming year.

The growth in the availability of music-on-demand services worldwide is shaping a new breed of music enthusiasts, prioritising convenience in their listening experience. India with its vast population and tech-savvy younger demographic, presents an immense market opportunity for audio brands.

In India, as in many parts of the world, the enjoyment of music holds significant importance in daily life. As we envision the next wave of products, it’s crucial to uphold Q Acoustics’ design ethos: delivering outstanding acoustic performance at an accessible price point while staying attuned to the evolving needs of diverse markets globally.

 How do you intend to utilize your partnership with MZ to introduce and establish Q Acoustics in India?

In any territory, having a seasoned partner is very important. With no office of our own in India, MZ serves as our vital link to the local market. They provide invaluable insights into consumer trends, guiding our brands and ensuring optimal market coverage. Collaborating closely with MZ, we tailor our marketing strategies to resonate with the core Indian customer base. Together, we aim to educate them about the diverse offerings of Q Acoustics, catering to both consumer and installation segments. As the importance of the install market grows, this partnership becomes increasingly crucial for all brands.

With a longstanding relationship spanning over 15 years, MZ is not just a trading partner but an integral part of our global business network, contributing significantly to our success worldwide.

Can you provide details on the range of audio products Q Acoustics intends to launch in India through its collaboration with MZ?

We have an exciting lineup of new introductions scheduled over the next few months, but at this stage, not all of the details are available to share so it will be a case of “watch this space” and look out for good news coming with a glimpse of what is coming on show at the High-End Show in Munich in May. We have just introduced the M40 which is our micro tower Bluetooth-powered system to go alongside our award-winning M20 unit. We have some exciting additions to our install range planned both with speakers and electronics, and we will be releasing more information on this as we head into summer. We also have some exciting news planned within our passive speaker range with more news to become available in the coming couple of months. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Could you elaborate on Q Acoustics’ line-up of wireless and powered speakers?

We launched the Q Active range back in 2020 and it was our first involvement with an active, streaming speaker and it was designed to be a completely networked-enabled home audio entertainment system. We followed this with the M20 which is an award-winning powered bookshelf model with Bluetooth connectivity that has achieved remarkable success since launch. We have recently launched the M20’s “big brother” the M40, in a micro tower format but with the notable inclusion of the C3 drivers that were introduced as part of our 5000 series range.  The market response and reviews for M40 have “blown us away” to the extent that we sold everything we had within days of the first products arriving in our warehouse.  88

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According to industry experts, the powered speaker market is poised for significant growth shortly. As the younger generation transitions from `smartphones and headphones’ to more premium audio experiences, there’s a natural inclination towards consolidated systems offering convenience and sleek form factors.

For Q Acoustics, it’s crucial to offer solutions that are both user-friendly and cost-effective, ensuring a strong foothold in the market among future customers. In our ongoing discussions regarding future product development, considerable attention is given to providing comprehensive audio solutions that cater to all customer needs.

A key focus of our roadmap is the development of a powered wireless speaker solution, which aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers. Our next wireless product launch, slated for the last quarter of 2024, will be tailored specifically for the installation market, further solidifying our commitment to innovation and meeting the demands of our customers

In what ways does the 5000 series cater to apartments of various sizes and budget categories in the Indian market?

The 5000 series is our latest range and provides the bridge between our entry-level 3000i range and our premium Concept Series. The range offers 4 product finishes (Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood & Holme Oak) and 4 size options of product with 2 bookshelf and 2 floor standing models, with the award-winning Q5040 designed specifically for the smaller room/apartment with no compromise on acoustic performance.

Can you shed light on Q Acoustics’ offerings in Bookshelf and Floor-Standing speakers?

We have tried to curate our product portfolio so there is a relevant option for any customer looking for the best-performing speaker for their budget and home environment and I believe that the awards that we have received around the world would support that we have been successful at delivering an excellent choice bookshelf and floor standing options for our customers.  

For home theatre setups, what combinations and permutations do you recommend for Indian households using Q Acoustics’ products?

A very difficult question to answer in a short sentence. Sound is such a subjective thing so what works for one customer may not suit another and budget plays a big part in any purchasing decision. In each of our range offerings we have several home theatre bundles that will provide an initial 5.1 channel set up which can then be expanded on should the customer desire and we now have a solution from the entry-level budget at Q3000i to the high-end budget with Concept series.  For those not wanting a complete 5.1 system, our ranges can be implemented in 2.1 format and there is also M20 and M40, which can further be enhanced with a sub-woofer and offer an excellent alternative solution for those not wanting to invest in an AV receiver.  I believe Q Acoustics offers a solution for every budget and format to enhance a theatre/TV viewing experience.

Which receiver or amplifier pairs best with Q Acoustics loudspeakers?

Again, a very difficult question to answer as everyone’s tastes are different. We work a lot in combination with Cambridge Audio and will be using their electronics at the upcoming High End Show in Munich. Our products have a reputation for offering a “neutral’ listing experience, as there is no discernible effect in bass or treble from the speakers themselves, so that is something that needs bearing in mind when selecting an electronics partner. From a multichannel perspective, I spent many years working with Denon and Marantz so have a fondness for those products and believe that they pair well with Q Acoustics.

Which streaming protocols is Q Acoustics compatible with, and how does it enhance the user experience in Indian homes?

Q Acoustics is always evaluating the popular music streaming services and protocols that could be used with our products worldwide, to ensure a great user experience. The specific supported protocols and services will differ slightly from product to product, as they service different market sectors with varying customer expectations. We have products certified for Airplay 2, Google CAST, Bluetooth A2DP with AVRCP 1.5, Bluetooth aptX HD and Low Latency, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready and UPnP, and will be expanding this list of new products shortly. Popular music streaming services in India such as Spotify, Amazon Music and JioSaavn are all compatible with the supported protocols mentioned. Q Acoustics will always strive to support the best possible audio quality streaming to complement the award-winning products that we make, giving consumers in India peace of mind that they will be getting the very best out of our products. 

How does Q Acoustics ensure seamless connectivity and integration with India’s diverse smart home ecosystems?

 Q Acoustics has taken care to employ people with a wealth of experience in smart home and integrated systems automation spanning several decades. This in-house knowledge ensures that our current and future products can be engineered and supported to integrate with popular smart home products throughout the world. Part of the process is working closely with our international partners such as MZ to identify smart home products specific to a particular region, investigating how these can work with our products, and then working with the third-party manufacturer if required to prove the integration and publish a simple guide on how consumers or installation professionals can achieve the very best results. 

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