M&K Sound 750 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

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Powerful THX Speaker Set in a Compact Format

The renowned Miller & Kreisel brand is well known to movie connoisseurs and home theater enthusiasts, as speakers from M&K Sound offer top-notch movie sound. The models of the compact 750 series have been completely revised and are available as a 5.1 set with a V12 subwoofer as a great-sounding package.

The Hollywood blockbusters Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, or King Kong, and hundreds of others were mixed by film producers on sound systems from Miller & Kreisel. In studios worldwide, sound engineers appreciate the incorruptible, dynamic sound characteristics of M&K Sound products. If you want to enjoy true-to-the-original film sound at home, you can use speakers from the legendary, professional 150 series even in your private home cinema.

But there is also something more affordable: The 750 series from M&K Sound offers powerful movie sound at a reasonable price and even has a THX Select license – the guarantee for ultimate cinema sound in your own four walls. Also, the speakers of the 750 series are amazingly compact and integrate easily even in smaller home theaters or living rooms.

750 Series New Edition

For about 20 years, the 750 series has enjoyed great popularity. Due to further improved driver technologies from the bigger series, M&K has also decided to revise the compact 750 speakers from scratch. Therefore, in the current version of our 750 5.1 sets, the drivers have been improved in many details, and the crossover has been tuned accordingly. Thus, the compact speaker set can deliver even more precise, dynamic sound and guarantees sensational movie sound.

The about 40 centimeters high front speakers sport a sturdy, low-resonance design and feature an elegant protective grille made of finely perforated metal. The driver assembly consists of enormously powerful woofers with 110 mm fiberglass cones. Two units per speaker share the work and guarantee considerable power handling, high dynamics, and plenty of sound pressure. A new 28 mm dome tweeter with an improved waveguide is responsible for the high frequencies. It has been in- stalled at a slight angle to achieve more direct radiation to the listening position when the left and right speakers are positioned correctly. The center speaker is identically equipped. Since for a THX system, in principle, the subwoofer takes over from about 80 Hertz, and the satellites of the THX set do not have to provide any sound pressure below about 100 Hertz, the front speakers have closed cabinets for better impulse reproduction.

As befits a proper THX home theater set, real rear dipoles match the 750THX front systems for the desired diffuse surround sound. Strictly speaking, the Sur55T rear speakers are even tripoles because in addition to the two 76 mm wideband drivers in dipole arrangement, there is another 2-way system on the side facing the listening position as a direct radiator. When correctly placed on the listening position axis at the height of about 1.5 meters mounted on the wall, the Sur55T creates an incomparable mix of direct and indirect sound, making for an extraordinary surround sound experience.

Subwoofer V12

For a powerful and profound bass reproduction, an M&K subwoofer named V12 comes into play in our test set. The name itself indicates a 12” chassis measuring 260 mm in diaphragm diameter, which is built into a closed cabinet with quite reasonable dimensions of 36 x 46 x 40 cm. A 300-watt amplifier module allows the robust chassis with its powerful magnetic drive to achieve genuinely outstanding performance. After all, it has to comply with the THX Select license, which places high demands on sound pressure, minimal distortion, and deep bass response.

The V12 subwoofer‘s approximately 300-watt amplifier module offers the standard level, phase, and crossover frequency adjustments. Unfortunately, the V12 does not feature a remote control or EQ setting.


Miller & Kreisel has hit the jackpot with the new edition of the 750 series, which has been significantly improved in sound quality. The compact 5.1 speaker set delivers first-class Hollywood sound in private home theaters – thanks to perfect tuning and a THX Select license, precisely as produced by the director in the sound studio. The powerful and competent set is easy to integrate into the living room and can also be installed on the wall next to the screen or flat-screen, thanks to built-in brackets.

The 5.1 set from M&K Sound from the revised 750 series, including the subwoofer V12, is a real high- light for true movie enjoyment!

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