Smart Energy Management – A Twin-Barrel Solution to An Old Problem

Smart Energy Management – A Twin-Barrel Solution to An Old Problem
Smart Energy Management – A Twin-Barrel Solution to An Old Problem

Tata Power EZ Home offers innovative solutions that reduce both monthly power bills and consumers’ carbon footprints.

Energy consumption serves as a significant indicator of an individual’s quality of life and plays a pivotal role in the economic well-being of a nation. The correlation between access to abundant power or electricity and the overall health of a national economy is a no-brainer. In simple terms, without a reliable, secure, and abundant source of energy, economies cannot prosper. However, this challenge is not as straightforward as it may seem.

For a long time, the availability of fossil fuels like coal and gas, along with their market prices, played a pivotal role in meeting the demand for electricity. While efforts are continuously made to increase electricity generation capacity each year, there is now an equal emphasis on managing consumption. The monthly electricity bill is a matter of serious concern for both householders and business owners. Moreover, rampant electricity consumption poses environmental challenges, which concern governments and climate change advocates worldwide. The ongoing sustainability battle addresses all these concerns, and initial indications suggest we are on the right track.

From the perspective of the power sector, our sustainability initiatives primarily focus on expediting a clean energy transition. This involves increasing the share of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower, nuclear, and biofuels in the overall power generation capacity. India has made significant progress in this regard over the last decade, with renewables now accounting for 40% of the total generating capacity, reaching approximately 172 GW.

Contributing to this sustainability effort, Tata Power EZ Home is empowering consumers to manage their monthly power bills effectively through digital technology. It is called smart energy solutions, which are entirely based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

For power consumers, smart energy solutions offer complete control over their electricity bills. It not only serves as a topic of discussion at the kitchen table but also as a tool to monitor individual carbon footprints. Whether in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, IoT-based smart energy management solutions encompass a range of hardware and software components that consumers can control using ubiquitous devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or smartwatches. For example, in homes, Tata Power offers touch switches that provide complete control over various appliances, including air conditioners, geysers, lights, fans, curtains, and LED dimming, all accessible remotely. We also offer converter switches, a smart ‘retrofittable’ solution that transforms existing conventional switches into smart switches without the need for rewiring or wall damage.

These digital solutions offer detailed consumption analytics through dashboards, enabling consumers to identify significant energy-saving opportunities. Consumers can set alerts for monthly energy consumption and projections for the current month. Moreover, the overload protection feature safeguards appliances such as air conditioners or geysers by switching them Off when they consume more power than their rating. It also provides alerts for preventive maintenance. The ‘power on switch status’ feature facilitates effective load management of critical and non-critical loads during backup power supply, such as DG/inverter/rooftop generation, by programming the appliances to switch On/Off or maintain the last switch state in case of power supply failure. Additionally, sensor-based lighting dimming options reduce energy waste by adjusting light levels based on occupancy or movement. Consumers can also choose from a range of sensors and sensor-based lights that have the potential to save up to 80% of energy consumption.

Although smart energy solutions are still in the early stages of market penetration, they are available in a do-it-yourself (DIY) format that consumers or skilled electricians can install. Given that consumer data plays a central role in these solutions, national-level brands with established consumer trust have an edge in addressing security concerns. Modern digital power systems are as vulnerable to digital threats as banking or technology infrastructure. Reputed utilities offering these solutions have robust security measures, including local data hosting, software and hardware firewalls, and a fully encrypted communication network.

Smart energy solutions, even in an evolving stage, is rapidly emerging as a twin-barrel solution to one of our most persistent challenges: controlling power bills without compromising the quality of life. What Tata Power EZ Home offers today not only helps reduce power bills but also lowers the consumers’ everyday carbon footprint. It can be argued that this is one of the most positively impactful outcomes of our digital era.

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