A Blend of Design, Automation and Air Purification

Architects Shabbir H Lilamwala and Murtaza Lilamwala have designed a stunning residence for the Korani family in Ghatkopar, blending design, home automation, and air purification technology seamlessly.

Designed by Homework Design headed by Architects Shabbir H Lilamwala and Murtaza Lilamwala Principal Architect Homework Design, this residence epitomizes opulence, sophistication, functionality, and a seamless blend of home automation creating an unparalleled living experience.

Nestled within a prestigious high-rise in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, this luxurious 5-bedroom apartment, meticulously crafted by Homework Design, stands as a testament to architectural excellence, interior sophistication, and seamless integration of technology.

Upon stepping into the foyer, guests are greeted by an aura of elegance and grandeur. The interiors boast a harmonious fusion of contemporary design elements with classic accents, creating a timeless appeal. The spacious living room serves as the focal point of the residence, exuding warmth and comfort with plush furnishings, bespoke artwork, and tasteful decor pieces curated to perfection.

The kitchen, a culinary haven, is a testament to both style and functionality. Clad in premium materials and equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, it seamlessly integrates with the living space, allowing for seamless entertainment and culinary experiences.

One of the most striking features of this apartment is its impeccable ventilation. Natural light floods every corner of the abode, enhancing the sense of openness and serenity. The strategically placed windows not only provide ample sunlight but also offer breathtaking views of the city skyline, serving as a constant reminder of Mumbai’s bustling energy.

The five luxuriously appointed bedrooms are havens of tranquility and indulgence. Each room is thoughtfully designed to offer the utmost comfort, with sumptuous bedding, custom-made furniture, and intricate detailing that reflects the owner’s discerning taste. Moreover, the city view from the bedrooms adds an extra layer of allure, offering a picturesque backdrop that evolves with the changing hues of the sky.

In addition to the lavish residential quarters, this apartment boasts an expansive office space, perfectly suited for remote work or business endeavors. The balcony l provides a serene outdoor retreat, ideal for relaxation or entertaining guests amidst the backdrop of Mumbai’s skyline.

Integration of Automation and Technology

The design team worked with System Integrator Harsh Shah from Beyond Alliance. Harsh Shah has worked towards providing user-friendly solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients. Adding his insight Murtaza Lilamwala says, “There are three non-negotiables for any tech design that we plan: (1) It has to work. (2) It must be easy to use yet fulfill all needs and (3) It has to be value for money.”

The home has automated lights, fans, curtains, AV, HVAC, and Integrated security solutions in this house. The Crestron lighting design and control are executed to perfection, with natural light in the space creatively manipulated to harmonize with artificial light. Motorized shades and drapes play a crucial role in achieving this seamless integration. 

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, with keypads meticulously selected from around the world. Each button is laser engraved, ensuring user-friendliness for individuals of all ages and tech-savvy levels. This house boasts a living room equipped with a motorised ultrashort throw projector with an optical dNp screen and an immersive in-ceiling audio Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Speaking about the security systems Murtaza Lilamwala says, “We have also used an integrated security solution, where a facial ID and biometric reader is waiting to unlock the space at the speed and efficiency at which our iPhone unlocks itself. As a visitor notifies you with the same gadget a display phone in the kitchen or next to their bed helps them to FaceTime the visitor before they let them in. The same display can stream music in the room and control the colour temperature and intensity of every light to set the right vibe for that time of the day.” 

The user experience is further enhanced through tailored Apps catering to individual needs, allowing customization at the user level with controls on their phones, tablets, watches and voice commands.

Balanced Ventilation with Energy Recovery

Modern apartments are designed air tight for comfort and avoiding noise and air pollution. This results in lack of adequate cross-ventilation to the occupants in the house. We rely on air conditioning systems to achieve comfort however fresh air ventilation is sacrificed as a result.

“To solve this problem, we have opted for Blutherm, introducing the concept of Balanced Ventilation with energy recovery to cater to the above scenario of ventilation in modern houses. Balanced Ventilation with Energy recovery involves a machine that supplies measured filtered fresh air in the living spaces like bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms in the house, and extracts stale air from bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms at the same time. During this process both streams of air pass through a heat exchange module in the machine, that transfers the temperature of the air by up to 90% without mixing the air, thereby pre-cooling the outside fresh air passively before it enters the house, resulting in a reduced load on the air conditioning systems.” Explains MURTAZA LILAMWALA.

The Benefits and Functionality:

The benefits of implementing Blutherm system are multifaceted, addressing crucial aspects of indoor air quality and comfort. Firstly, it ensures a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, promoting a healthier living environment and enhancing overall hygiene by reducing the presence of airborne contaminants. Moreover, the system effectively curtails the formation of mold and fungus, contributing to the maintenance of a clean and sanitary atmosphere within the household.

In addition to its health benefits, the system offers significant energy-saving advantages. Through passive cooling, it alleviates the strain on traditional air conditioning units, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility costs. Furthermore, by facilitating a quieter and pollution-free indoor environment, it enables occupants to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil living space without the disturbances of outdoor noise and air pollution.

While the Energy Recovery Ventilation machine serves as a cornerstone of the system, the ducting infrastructure is equally instrumental in its success. Blutherm has developed a manifold ducting system featuring semi-rigid antimicrobial flexible ducts with smooth linings, meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the machines and maximize operational efficiency.

The benefits of these ducts are manifold. Their 3-inch diameter allows for installation with minimal false ceiling margins, streamlining the implementation process. The manifold design effectively prevents cross-talk between rooms, ensuring privacy and comfort for occupants. Additionally, the antimicrobial smooth lining of the ducts promotes hygienic airflow, while their flexible nature enables versatile deployment in various configurations. Moreover, each duct is pre-engineered to carry a specific volume of air, simplifying calculations and ensuring precise implementation on-site.

The Helios KWL system from Germany has been successfully deployed, further attesting to the efficacy of the balanced ventilation with energy recovery solution. Equipped with Electronic Commutating motors, an integrated IoT module, and humidity sensors, the system operates autonomously, adjusting airflow based on indoor air quality, and enhancing convenience and efficiency for the client.

This luxury apartment designed by Homework Design, exemplifies a harmonious blend of architectural brilliance, interior elegance, and cutting-edge technology integration. 

 Tech Specifications

Name of the Client: Mr. Korani

Name of the Architect and Interior Designer: Ar. Shabbir Lilamwala, Homework Designs

Name of the System Integrator: Harsh Shah, Beyond Alliance

Automation & Lighting: Crestron, Dali and KNX keypads from Blacknova

Security Cameras: Grandstream, Hikvision

Audio-Video: Paradigm, LG, Samsung, dNp

VDP & Biometrics: TCS & eKey

Networking: Aruba, Grandstream, Wi-Fi 6

Ventilation & Energy Recovery: Blutherm 

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