Design and Elegance are at the core of the Quba products which we bundle up with user convenience and technology.

With nearly three decades of experience behind him, Deepak Sapru, the CEO of Quba, is a dynamic leader at the forefront of India’s fastest-growing hardware brand. Under his leadership, Quba has flourished, becoming synonymous with innovation and reliability in the industry.

Passionate and driven, Deepak Sapru eagerly delves into Quba’s extensive lineup of digital locks and digital safes, catering to diverse customer segments with precision and expertise. In an exclusive interview with Smart Home World, Deepak discusses their state-of-the-art product line and future launches. 

Could you provide a comprehensive overview of the digital locks and digital safes offered by Quba across various customer segments?

If we broadly divide the customer segments in three parts based on their spending capacity as Economy, Mid and Premium then, Quba preciously has the products to cater every category. May it be Safes or Digital Lock, Quba doesn’t compromise on quality, technology or aesthetics of the products even if it’s for Economy Segment.

The newly launched Qraft – 5-way access digital lock and Magnus – Safe series are examples of the same.

What are the standout features that differentiate Quba’s Digital Locks in terms of security and convenience for users?

As the Qraft’s tagline goes `Security has never been so stylish’, Quba literally live up to that. We provide wide range of technology features in all of our digital products such as Hijack Alarm which has ability to send SOS signal through lock, without touching your phone, then we have Passageway Function which basically disables locking mechanism of the door which saves the trouble of unlocking the door every time in case of some occasion or party and security feature like OTP generation, where temporary password can be created for your guest or maid. Over and above all this, we have our own mobile application which help you monitor all the locks from anywhere in the world.

How does Quba proactively address potential vulnerabilities within the digital lock and safe technology, such as addressing concerns related to hacking or electronic malfunctions?

Quba Digital products go through three step QC with surprise inspections of manufacturing sites by independent inspection agencies. Every wireless communication between device and mobile is encrypted and inserted user data is stored on secured cloud of Application Platform.

As we said earlier, Quba doesn’t compromise on quality, technology or aesthetics of the products. 

In the context of the ever-evolving smart home landscape, how does Quba’s digital lock and safe technology seamlessly integrate with other smart home systems and devices? Specifically, can you touch upon features like biometric access, keyless entry, and remote control?

In all the fingerprint-based locks, Quba provides 360 degrees fingerprint sensor which saves the pattern of the fingerprint and not the photos; but now, Quba is not only confined to the Main door Lock or Safe, as we have launched Qsense which is a furniture lock product series & has similar features like main door lock that makes even furniture lock equally secure and safe. Quba’s Upcoming Digital lock like “Quest” will be having VDP (Video Door Phone) integration capabilities. Even upcoming Premium Safes will be Mobile App Compatible. That not only provides the convenience of keyless entry/opening but also peace of 24/7 monitoring using the mobile app.

Could you elucidate the various connectivity options accessible with Quba’s digital locks and safes, encompassing aspects like mobile apps, remote access, and compatibility with the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Like most of the Digital locks, we provide Fingerprint, password, RFID & Mechnical key option but key point is, even in our economy series main door locks, we provide inbuilt Wifi connectivity and not a Bluetooth using which we can unlock the Wifi Digital lock from anywhere using Quba Smart App.  That make our Quba Smart App a one stop solution for all the devices connected to network. As we mentioned earlier, upcoming Quba Lock will be compatible with VDP & allied products like Qeye a Wifi Video Door Bell & Qbot a Wifi 3MP home PTZ camera are part of Quba Family which can be accessed on same Quba Platform.

One of Quba’s renowned product lines, QUANTRA, has been honored with the prestigious RedDot Design Award. Could you share the unique selling points (USP) of this range?

Design and Elegance are at the core of the Quba products which we bundle up with user convenience and technology. Quantra is the product of all these things craft together. The uniqueness of the product is the Push-Pull Design of Quantra which is very unique & adds into it utility. Apart from all these, Quantra is wifi inbuilt lock with electronic lock body and comes with wide range of mobile app & security features. 

Let’s delve into the digital safe offerings provided by Quba. What options do you offer, and could you provide insights into the application areas where these safes find relevance?

Quba’s Digital Safe provides impeccable security merged with aesthetic design and has to offer something for every market segment. Our Astrix-001 & Astrix-002 are premium Wi-Fi safes that are mainly would be used for high-security requirement areas such as Gold/Diamond factories or High-profile personal cabins. Astrix-002 being fire resistant, adds to the security.

Our Magnus-003 to Magnus-006 are Laser cut dual access mode safes that are most suitable for the mid-market customer segment, who is looking out for security with style. Having Fingerprint, password, and mechanical keys as three opening options, provides triple peace of mind. Lastly, for the economy market segment where the price of the product is on priority, we provide Magnus-001 & Magnus-007 which have strong bodies of 2mm thickness and doors of 4mm thickness. Also, these digital safes provide access through a password and mechanical key.

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