Meridian Ellipse Offers Unrivaled Performance and Elegant Design

Meridian Ellipse Offers Unrivaled Performance and Elegant Design

Meridian, the esteemed British audio pioneer, recently launched the Ellipse wireless speaker, a pinnacle of stationary audio excellence. Crafted with twelve proprietary DSP technologies, including the groundbreaking “Meridian Bass & Space,” the Ellipse redefines spatial soundscapes, delivering unparalleled immersion and lifelike audio fidelity in any room.

Natalie Reynolds, Head of Product at Meridian, describes Ellipse as a fusion of luxury and performance, boasting graceful curves and a sleek, pebble-like finish for seamless integration into any interior aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Meridian’s iconic elliptical design language, the Ellipse stands as a testament to form meeting function, exuding elegance from its arched feet to its intricate metal grille pattern.

Streamlined for user convenience, Ellipse offers effortless setup via the Meridian Control app or popular streaming platforms. With versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, AirPlay, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and TIDAL Connect, along with Roon Ready and UPnP renderer support, Ellipse ensures seamless access to your favorite music sources.

At its core lies the revolutionary R2 electronics platform, a compact marvel derived from Meridian’s flagship R1 platform. Powered by Meridian’s Atlas Software Core, Ellipse inherits advanced signal-boosting technologies, elevating audio performance to new heights.

Technical prowess meets elegant design in Ellipse, housing dual full-range drivers and a central woofer meticulously engineered for optimal sound reproduction. With dimensions of 163 x 410 x 219 millimeters (H x W x D) and weighing nearly four kilograms, Ellipse delivers a formidable audio presence while seamlessly blending into your home environment.

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