Ajax Systems Wins its First Red Dot Awards

Ajax Systems wins the Red Dot Award for the first time in the company’s history. This year, Ajax’s intrusion and smart automation products received recognition in the following categories:

Smart Products Category – KeyPad TouchScreen Jeweller;

Interior Design Elements Category – WaterStop & LeaksProtect; 

Interior Design Elements Category – LightSwitch & Outlet.

The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized seal of quality for outstanding design. Judged by an esteemed international panel of experts, entries are evaluated on criteria including innovation, functionality, formal quality, and ecological compatibility.

“We are honored to receive three Red Dot Awards, underscoring our commitment to delivering products that perform exceptionally and captivate users with their design and usability. These awards reflect the dedication and creativity of our team and reaffirm Ajax Systems’ position as a front-runner in the security and home automation markets.” Valentine Hrytsenko, CMO at Ajax Systems.

Key Features of the Range:

KeyPad TouchScreen. A wireless keypad with a touch screen seamlessly merges security and smart home device management. It boasts a big 5-inch IPS display with customizable black-and-white themes and automatic brightness adjustment. The scratch-resistant glass ensures durability and maintains a flawless appearance.

The high-resolution screen accommodates all necessary controls, providing users with a visually stunning and high-quality image. KeyPad TouchScreen offers intuitive group management, a familiar Ajax app-like interface, and top-of-the-line security features, including DESFire® technology and BLE support, which make it possible to control the keypad via smartphone with an Ajax app.

LightSwitch & Outlet Family: This cutting-edge family of smart light switches and outlets combines sleek design with advanced technology, allowing users to control their lighting and power outlets conveniently from their smartphones. LightSwitch features a spacious touch-sensitive panel that responds instantly to taps or contactless gestures — it is enough to put a hand at least 15 mm close to the device, and the light turns on. Due to the soft LED backlight, it’s easy to do even in the dark. Not requiring a neutral wire, LightSwitch is available in one-gang, two-gang, and two-way models, with replaceable face panels offered in eight colors: white, fog, grey, graphite, ivory, oyster, olive, or black.

  1. The wireless Outlet has flexible settings and remote configuration, supports automation scenarios, shows statuses with LED indication, and helps to detect “energy vampires” among electrical appliances. It also has a touch-sensitive power button to turn off the appliance, so it is unnecessary to use the app or unplug the electrical appliance from Outlet manually.

WaterStop & LeaksProtect Family. Designed to safeguard homes and properties against flood, LeaksProtect swiftly detects leaks and water presence, helping users prevent costly damage and maintain peace of mind. With a height of only 14 mm, its miniature design allows it to fit anywhere water leaks are likely to occur.

LeaksProtect paired with WaterStop electric shutoff valve can build a smart water leak prevention system for remote or automatic water supply control. The WaterStop’s design comprises a valve and a powerful electric actuator that shuts off the water automatically by command from the Ajax app or a button pressed on-site.

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