Onetouch Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations in Home Security at Smart Home Expo

Onetouch, a pioneer in home security solutions, proudly announces the debut of its latest innovations showcased at the recently concluded Smart Home Expo 2024. This unveiling marks a significant leap forward in the realm of smart home security, introducing groundbreaking products designed to revolutionize residential protection and convenience.

Among The Standout Products Unveiled At The Expo Are:

Onetouch Smart Video Door Phone With NVR: Positioned as a game-changer in home surveillance, the Onetouch Smart Video Door Phone with NVR redefines residential security standards. Equipped with built-in Network Video Recorder (NVR) capabilities, this device seamlessly merges the functionality of a traditional video doorbell with the storage prowess of a network video recorder. Key features include seamless integration with existing home security systems, crisp high-definition video quality, continuous recording with H.265 compression technology, and intelligent features like motion detection and real-time alerts. With the Onetouch Smart Video Door Phone with NVR, homeowners can enjoy unparalleled peace of mind and control over their property

OT500 Digital Door Lock: As a testament to Onetouch’s commitment to innovation, the OT 500 Digital Door Lock sets a new standard in access control for smart homes. Boasting advanced features such as Smartphone integration, BLE integration, strong mortise, Biometric access, Emergency power C type, Anti-theft password, and low battery alarm, this digital door lock offers unmatched security and convenience. Its innovative design and robust features are poised to redefine access control in smart homes, ensuring homeowners can protect their property with ease.

RIM Lock: Another highlight of Onetouch’s product lineup is the RIM Lock, engineered to provide enhanced security and convenience for smart homes. Featuring Biometric, remote control, and password access, along with weatherproof construction and inbuilt sounder, this sleek cable-free battery-operated lock offers comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. With seamless mobile app integration, homeowners can manage and monitor their security system with utmost ease and confidence.

“We are excited to unveil our latest innovations at the Smart Home Expo,” said Mr. Alok Parmar, Director at Discreet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” These products represent a significant advancement in home security technology, empowering homeowners with advanced features and unparalleled peace of mind”.

The Onetouch Smart Video Door Phone with NVR, OT 500 Digital Door Lock, and RIM Lock are now available for purchase nationwide through Onetouch’s Channel Partners. For more information, visit or contact [email protected]

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