Functional Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge Automation

Functional Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge Automation
Functional Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge Automation

Chitesh Chachan and Aayush Arya collaborate to convert a mundane office into a Smart Office.

In the bustling city of Siliguri, where urban life collides with breathtaking natural beauty, a prestigious office space owned by Aayush Arya, Director/Partner of Relay Automation, has undergone a remarkable transformation. This transformation has turned the office into an inviting and efficient workspace, characterized by luxurious aesthetics and cutting-edge automation, all thanks to Chitesh Chachan, Founder of Smart Hub and Director/Partner of Relay Automation.

Four and a half years ago, Chitesh Chachan took a bold step and founded Smart Hub. Shortly after, he joined forces with his partner, Aayush Arya, at Relay Automation. Their collaboration would soon lead to an exceptional project that showcased their innovative prowess.

Collaboration and Design Process

The project aimed to create a workspace that not only radiated opulence but also seamlessly integrated advanced electrical and automation systems. Chitesh Chachan shared his insights into the design process, emphasizing the project’s unique challenges. He explained, “While our expertise primarily lies in smart home installations, this project took us beyond our typical scope of work. We were entrusted with a unique and exciting challenge: to oversee the entire electrical design and installation for this lavish property. The goal was not just to provide electricity but to create a robust infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with future smart systems.”

Designing a robust electrical and automation infrastructure for Aayush Arya’s office in Siliguri presented distinctive challenges. The team had to anticipate and overcome various obstacles, from optimizing electrical circuits within the constraints of a compact urban space to ensuring that the design would harmoniously blend with upcoming smart technologies.

Leveraging their extensive background in smart home technology, the team tackled the electrical design with a forward-thinking perspective. Every detail of the electrical layout was meticulously planned to ensure the optimal positioning of outlets, switches, and fixtures in every area of the office. It was imperative to execute these installations with architectural aesthetics in mind, leaving no room for unsightly wires or outlets that might detract from the overall visual appeal.

Seamless Digital Connectivity

In acknowledgment of the ever-growing demand for seamless digital connectivity, especially in a setting where business and leisure naturally converge, the team implemented a managed network solution that went far beyond the ordinary. This exceptional network was strategically designed with access points throughout the property to guarantee uninterrupted internet connectivity in every corner of this luxurious office space, an absolute necessity in our increasingly digital-driven world.

As the project neared completion, it stood as a testament to the artistry of automation. Beyond equipping the property with a top-tier automation framework, their managed network solution ensured that the office’s occupants would always remain connected, whether they were engaged in virtual business meetings or indulging in their preferred entertainment.

While their core expertise is firmly rooted in smart home installations, this project reaffirmed their adaptability in the realm of automation. Their holistic approach, deeply informed by their extensive experience within the Siliguri smart home landscape, empowered them to excel in a project that, while distinct from their usual work, was equally significant.

This remarkable endeavor in Siliguri underscores their unwavering commitment to meeting their client’s precise requisites, even if it entails venturing beyond their comfort zone. Their proficiency in smart home systems significantly influenced their electrical design methodology, ensuring that the property was not only powered but also perfectly poised for the future. If you’re in search of a team that seamlessly merges electrical expertise with a forward-thinking mindset, your quest ends right here with Chitesh Chachan, Aayush Arya, and their visionary companies, Smart Hub and Relay Automation.


Control4 Smart Home Networking and Security


Aayush Arya




* Lutron * Dali
* SR260 remote controls
* T4 touchscreens
* Control4 Chime video doorbell
* Control4 Core 5 processor
* APC Smart UPS
* Araknis network switch
* TrueAudio Speakers
* LG Projector * Optoma Interactive TV

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