Hikvision India Launches Facial Recognition Door Station for Enhanced Home Security

Hikvision has introduced a Video Intercom Facial Recognition Door Station for enhanced security in home environment. The cutting-edge DS-KV9503-WBE1 series IP facial recognition villa door station has a sleek modern industrial design tailored for discerning clientele. Its 4.3-inch vibrant LCD Touch screen, with an impressive 800 × 480 resolution, ensures a seamless and visually captivating user experience. With the convenience of a Single-touch physical button, effortless calls are just a tap away.

Technical Specifications

Powered by standard power over Ethernet (PoE), this door station eliminates the need to wire additional power supply, simplifying the installation and deployment process. Engineered with IK08 & IP65 protection ratings, it guarantees durability and reliability even in the most demanding environments. The user-friendly interface offers intuitive interaction, while the face recognition feature addresses privacy concerns with advanced security measures.

Application Scenarios

Moreover, its customized advertising interface enhances communication opportunities, catering to diverse application scenarios including villas, apartments, and offices. This Door Station supports multiple authentication methods such as face, pin code, card, and QR code, satisfying different environments and helping to use access permissions.

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